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and that right now we would all be focusing on the instability in syria. >> rose: where do you think it is today in a broad sense terms of its power to dominate 2012? >> the arab spring, charlie. >> rose: yes. >> yeah, we talked about this because you and i were together the night mubarak fell in tahrir square. one of the things i remember about being there th week in egypt is that some day i would love to design a journalism course just aut that week. because i don't remember if we talked about in in cairo, charlie but my rule in that week has been my rule ever since, is that whenever you see elephants fly, shut up and take notes. i felt like in cairo elephants were flying. we were seeing things, when everyone tells me the arab spring is going to be this, going to that be it is going to be wonderful, internal. you didn't see it coming, what makes you think you know where it's going, okay. shut up and take notes. and so that's really my overarching, you know, attitude right now, charlie. what strikes me is several people have pointed this out there was a saying after the russian revolution, demo
americans. a lot of my friends were lebanese and from syria. i had yewish and irish american friends. all of our identities were mixed. my sense of being american was being in a mix of things. >> margaret could you also reflect in a prior conversation you talked about your father had a sense of where he came from and it was a little more difficult for your mom to articulate that? >> sure. mother's side is irish american my father come from a different heritage. he is a genealogy. he traced his family all the way back to the times when they moved from spain to a region of france. that's where his family came from as peasants in 1850. and for generations, his family members had been going back to this place to visit their distant cousins. they knew exactly where it was. i was thinking that was a year after my irish american family came here. why don't my irish american family know this information. i want to try to find out what it is. i didn't know at that time what i was undertaking. i heard it said with irish american it's not genealogy it's archaeology. i found out about that later. i
.n. resolution on syria. on thursday, moscow surprised at the council by circulating a new draft resolution on the crisis, criticizing the violence but making no mention of sanctioned. the french foreign ministry said it was unacceptable but it did say that it was a positive step that moscow recognized the need to react. it is now up to the voters to decide. after months of campaigning, last night the republican hopefuls in the u.s. presidential race took to the stage one last time in iowa before people there make their pick. a lot is riding on the first contest of 2012 and each candidate is trying to play to their strength while hoping that their weaknesses do not play to them on caucus night. -- plague them on caucus night. how do you think that the candidates are shaping up? >> we have the dynamic of this race which has been one candidate who is extremely consistent and constant in his 20%, 25% support. he has been challenged. he has been at the top of the hill. one after the other charges the hill and then seems to tumble back down. >> we are talking about mitt romney here. >> we're tal
a bloody end. now, 1-year on, president saleh of yemen is set to leave office. and did not forget syria, a sock's power appears to be weakening. the arab spring is far from over, even in tunisia. we went back to where it all began and found that life there is still not easy. >> the day begins in a typically tunisia and way, with demonstrators blocking a road. the demonstrators are taxi drivers, protesting agains corruption among civil servants at their local authority. they say is impossible to get a taxi license without paying bribes to officials, and they are furious. >> my son is unemployed, and my wife is seriously ill. i have been through so much, and the one has to pay bribes to more bribes, to get our licenses. -- if they want us to pay bribes. >> the police arrive and end the blockade, for now. and we can continue our journey. this is our first impression of the public mood at the moment in tunisia. some 250 kilometers south of the capital tunsi, it was here exactly one year ago that a young educated man, mohammed bouazizi, set fire to himself to protest against local corruption
to democracy. >> france has objected to russia on syria. it was on thursday that a surprise to the u.n. security council with a new resolution on the crisis which criticizes the violence but makes no mention of sanctions. the french foreign ministry has called the paper unacceptable but says this is a positive step that moscow has recognized the need to react. 50 people have died after flood struck an island in the philippines. there were triggered by tropical storm and swamped several towns. floodwaters rose quickly in the middle and night. 20,000 soldiers have been mobilized to help. a young thief who gained notoriety as the barefoot and it has been jailed for seven years. colton harris-moore pleaded guilty to 30 charges relating to a two-year crime spree. he is now 20 years old. he evaded police in planes, boats, and cars. it was a daring run from the law, earning him international fame and a movie deal. the money was used to help repay his victims after he flew a stolen plane. you're watching bbc news. israeli soldiers break up a protest outside the west bank village. a rescue op
in this transition to democracy. >> france has rejected russia's proposal on the crisis in syria. they second quarterlated a new draft resolution on the crisis, in which they criticized the vie leps but made no mention of sanctions. the french foreign ministry called the paper unacceptable, but did say it was a step that moscow did indeed recognize the u.n. needed to react. the u.s. government has announced a lifting of the sanctions on muammar gaddafi. the move comes as the new government in tripoli not only tries to fix the economy, but also attempts to promote greater national unity. that message, though, is not getting through to some communities that use to support colonel gaddafi and are now coming under attack from michigans. caroline hurley reports. >> after the guns fell silent, so did an entire town. sign posts have been erased for michigan men from misrata. once home to 30,000 people, now home to no one at all. houses have been ransacked and torched. when gaddafi's forces were defeated, everyone here had to flee. it's extremely eerie being in a place where not a soul remains. every
. gwen: if iran, the threat is up, syria's threat is up, maybe that provides the pretext. >> and all of these things are things that the white house has been very eager not to talk about. last thing they want stepping on their story about the end. war in iraq is conversation about new military involvement. it's not going to be anything like we've seen lately. but there's always -- there is an outstanding question about that. >> laura, i felt the white house really rolled out the red carpet. and they had a number of really high-profile events with the president of iraq. maliki. how is that relationship? >> you know, it's interesting. because i don't think the two of them are particularly close. but they both had their own domestic political concerns which lined up. maliki needs american troops out of iraq as much as obama needs to get out of iraq. and so essentially, that put them on the same path. and because of that, they're sort of partners in arms. they spent a lot of time one on one together. in the oval office. really discussing some very sensitive issues. and what was -- a fair
across syria friday. one person was reportedly killed in homs. the syrian army sent reinforcements to the southern part of the country, where defectors were launching deadly attacks on troops. at home, army officer hearing at the center of the wikileaks scandal. as the chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge explains the questions today focus more on another individual in the courtroom. >> thank you. tu burr ban washington, d.c., private bradley manning in uniform spoke calmly and softly at the article 32 hearing, the equivalent of a civilian grand jury where the investigating officer will decide if there is evidence for court-martial. manning is accused of downloading thousands of classified documents employed in iraq. if convicted of the charges, he could face life in prison. in an extraordinary move they asked the investigating officer to recuse himself of the case. when he is not wearing his uniform, he is in the department of justice. the justice department is to bring charges against the founder of wikileaks julian assange who leaked several cables allegedly downl
. the facility in syria that was bombed out by the israelis was almost certainly from a north korea design and facility. we have to isolate them, to make them feel the pain of being one of the world's worst actors. >> but what would you do exactly? we have tried to ice themalate them. we have given them food, not given them food, given them oil and not given them oil. they are going full speed ahead and they are the wal-mart of nuclear technology around the world. is there anything your administration would do different or continue what is being done now? >> the best thing we can do with regard to north korea is to have tough economic sanctions by virtue of their policy, make sure their technology's not exported around the world, that can use that technology against us or our friends in the world. and then finally, against china, to act as a responsible neighbor. china represents two-thirds of their foreign trade, pressure on china, encouraging china to act as a responsible member of the world community, recognizing that north korea's not playing by the rules. >> and how do we handle china
weapon, when iran has this going on and syria is really in turmoil and the opposition is s really starting to gain ground on president assad, i think it's dangerous to remove all these troops from iraq. if we'd been there nine years and the region right now is very very volatile and touchy. we have a lot of u.s. priorities why would we be pulling our troops out? the president had made a promise back when he was campaigning for the white house and he is trying to keep the promise here. >> gregg: presidents do that all the time. >> but not with national security. >> nouri al-maliki the prime minister of iraq has fairly close ties with tehran. he has visited iran on several occasions the in the last year he as made with mahmoud ahmadinejad. and are you skeptical? >> i'm skeptical but i think maliki is playing politics. he was very staunchly against the iranian regime for a while. then he was scrambling to keep his own political power in check and his base was pressuring him to make deals. so then he started to be friends with the regime. iran is their neighbor and trying to play the
and syria, makes sure that the-- that the iraqis understand we're on their side and want them to remain free and independent and to be able to protect themselves against internal and external threats that come from either side. and i also think it's a blatant model for that part of the world. so,icallyton, i look at this as being deten dent on the next commander-in-chief, and this commander-in-chief couldn't get the job done. >> colonel, is this the right time in living in iraq and when can we ever have left? >> we still have american troops in italy and in germany and we've got american troops in japan. and i don't regard that to be a sign of failure or a sign of dominance or that we're occupying, we're there to help protect them from add ver sarryes, and respond quickly to threats that we see to our coalition, i see that same kind of thing developing in that part of the world. i think what you're going to have is a real satisfaction in washington, kind of like the debate the other night with foreign policy and national security came to the fore. the realization that our relationships, mili
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)